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Make Money

Recycling printer cartridges is a highly profitable business chain that was dominated by Global giants until a few years back.



The worldwide printer cartridge business is worth 500 Billions USD and recycling of  printer cartridges, also called remanufacturing or refilling has been growing a lot over the last decade. 




Create local jobs

Recycling printer cartridges create Jobs in your local community. Empty core collection and processing, remanufacturing , refilling, packaging, warehousing, sales or distribution.

Some companies develop a full vertical integrated system, others just specialize in areas where they have a strong advantage which can be logistic, labor costs or access to qualified R&D staffs to name a few.

Promote a Green Future

Only by reducing our waste and carbon foot print this world will be enjoyable for future generations.

Recycling printer cartridges reduce unnecessary use of fuel and raw materials. Most public and private organisation are attracted by our message and want to contribute making the world better by becoming your customers.