About Us

Greentrees International Ltd was created in 2007 by people with years of experience in the cartridge remanufacturing industry.  

At that time franchise chains and independent refill stores were flourishing, and we thought the best showcase for our ability and products would be a refill shop so we opened one in Manchester, UK.

We had interest from people from all over the world who visited to get their inspiration, receive training and went back to their countries to start their own shops.

We have always kept good business relationships, supporting our customers and supplying them with the components and tools they required to operate.

After a few year our premises became too small and we had to move to a proper warehouse in order to improve our logistic services. This was 2010.

Since then, we proudly operate along with our sister company, what has become one of the largest European operation dedicated to the imaging industry.

Having larger premises allowed us to gain business with the largest remanufacturers in the world.

This year (2013) we are investing into our own large scale toner cartridge recycling plant which will help us to understand our customers needs even better.

This new plant will be opened in Thailand.

We want to thanks all our customers and partners over the years, and wish in the future to establish more key alliances with customers from emerging countries where there is a real need of creating local jobs and better waste management systems.



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