1/ Empties collection

To recycle a printer cartridge, you first need to have a printer cartridges. This sounds trivial but is actually a key point in our industry. We don't make new products, we remanufacture used original products.

Empty cartridges can be collected directly from users or purchased from brokers. The more cartridges you can collect freely or at low cost, the more successful your business will be. Having a clean, well organised quality process is very important. Any damage will result in failure.

We can teach you how to start or improve an empty cartridge collection business. We can also link you to existing cartridge collectors who want to resell their empty cartridges.

Think carefully about your strenghts and if you have the opportunity to collect cartridges, just do it. It is so much worth it.

2/ remanufacturing

The remanufacturing of cartridges is our key expertise. Basically the normal process is to clean the cartridge, replace some parts and test. Training is as important as equipment. Our industry is still young and not a lot of people have the right knowledge to do a quality product.

Greentrees manufacture and distribute everything you need for cartridge remanufacturing through our webstore: www.refillsupermarket.com   we are the biggest one stop supplier in the industry and can supply you with anything you need.

Do not forget, we are remanufacturers ourselves so we only offer well proven and tested solutions.

Wether you are a shop or a factory owner let us help you get your remanufacturing processes right



3/ Sales and Marketing

After producing your cartridges, you will need to sell them. 


To who?: Directly to the user? to an importer, a distributor?


How?: in a store? on internet through a selling platform like ebay? on my own website? at market fairs?


We can help you setting up the right website, study your local market and define the best sales strategy for you.


With our worldwide experience, we can give you the little tips that will put you ahead of the competition.


CONTACT US TODAY and see how we can help




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What do we offer?

Greentrees can help you all along the printer cartridge remanufacturing chain. To get a better understanding of our service, let's divide the chain into 3